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Frequently Asked Questions

The invoices has to be in text / .csv /.pdf format.

To get the invoices processed by Invoice2PO, it should be a .pdf file, not a photo copy or a scan saved in .pdf format.

To verify if the invoice you have can be processed or not, please try to search for any text available on invoice using Ctrl + F, you are able to find the text, the file can be processed (if not, its a scanned document).

Once we integrate any vendor, they will be added to the list. To integrate new Vendors, please provide .pdf sample copies (2 or more) from each vendor that you get supply from. click here to share them with our development team.

They will be saved in "Invoices" folder for future reference.

Yes, we currently have integrated with few POS. Please contact us with your POS details, to know more.

Yes, Invoice2PO will process such invoices also.

Yes, Invoice2PO has an option to exclude / include deposits from the invoices. If excluded, the value of the deposit will not be added to the order.

Yes, Invoice2PO highlights products with higher cost compared to last purchase in RED, products with lower cost compared to last purchase are highlighted in GREEN. Products without any highlights means that the cost is same compared by last purchase cost.

No, Invoice2PO algorithm, will take care of any such information and invoice details will be accurately.

The Invoice Rows are highlighted in GREY, when the respective Invoice Vendor is not identified by Invoice2PO. Using "Update Vendor" Option, map / connect the Invoice Vendor to the vendor in the POS and update "VCode" in the Invoice2PO. If any products Rows are highlighted in GREY. Using "Update Product" Option, map / connect the Invoice product to the product in the POS and update "SKU" in the Invoice2PO.