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Tired of entering 1000’s of invoices to your POS?

We are your solution!

Invoice2PO is a smart tool which is designed to Extract invoice data to create a purchase order on your POS!

Why Choose Us

Why waste your $$$ on manpower, when you can Automate!

We are the first ever tool to be made especially for liquor industry. We understand the manpower and errors that go into making a purchase order. We can be your one stop solution.

Intelligent and smart way to handle your Invoices
Which increases :

Hassle Free90%
why choose us
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About Us

Exclusively made for Liqour Industry & Works like magic!

Integrate with Any POS System

We understand that entering data into your POS is a hassle, often time consuming and causes human errors. With Invoice2PO, you can easily upload your invoices, which extracts data and seamlessly push it to your Point of sale. All This under one tool!

  • Compatible to work with any POS System
  • Currently intregrated with 50+ Vendors and adding new Vendors daily.
  • Saves huge amount of Man hours - can process 500 invoices under 5 mins.
  • Process Multiple PDF invoices to your POS seamlessly
  • Plug & play single interface application which doesn't need to install any support files
How it Works.

Get seamless experience with Invoice2PO




Easily upload your .PDF files which contains your invoices in Invoice2PO




Let Invoice2PO extract the data you need to create a purchase order




Extracted data will automatically be created as a purchase order.

Check out how it works...

With our simplistic design we have created what we call finesse. We want our customers to easily navigate through our tool and get the best of the results. Watch the video to learn more!

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