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Leon Farmer & Company

Leon Farmer & Company is a family-owned wholesale beverage distributor dedicated to quality sales and service. For more than 60 years, our driven team has provided retailers in 27 counties of Northeast Georgia with quality products from our distribution partners. We operate out of two facilities, located in Athens and Gainesville, and are proud to have a strong relationship with our customers and our community. It's a privilege to partner with some of the best craft and domestic beer, wine, liquor, and non-alcoholic beverages available. Please visit our website for a full portfolio or to learn more about our company and available employment opportunities.

Invoice2PO has the algorithm which can process any invoice that is generated by Leon Farmer & Company. Don’t waste time in manually entering all the product details which are available in POS from the Invoice. Invoice2PO can extract all the data from the invoice in Quick time.

You don't have to worry about any manual typo errors anymore! Invoice2PO is built on proprietary algorithm which uses AI, to extract all the product details from the invoice without missing any information. This will help you in reconciliation with Suppliers / Vendors easily.

Using the latest technology, Invoice2PO helps the stores to move ahead of competition with automating processes, which otherwise require Human resources with corresponding higher cost and risks involved improving overall efficiency.

Invoice2PO can process not one, but multiple invoices in one instance. This will help you in adding bulk orders into the POS. The invoices with over 100 products will also be processed within 1 minute.

If you are not able to process any invoices from the above supplier / vendor. It may be possible, that the invoice uploaded in a New Template from the supplier (some suppliers / vendors may have multiple invoice templates).

Please send sample invoices to info@invoice2po.com. Our team will develop the algorithm for processing the new Supplier invoices in quick TAT.