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Invoice2PO Integration with LightSpeed

SPIRITS 2000 comprises unique programs into a single, robust, and total solution for your retail beer, liquor and/or wine store. Whether you have one, two or a chain of locations − SPIRITS supports all your Backroom and register functions, including Age Verification, TimeClock functions, Wireless Inventory Maintenance, and Gift and Loyalty Card Integration! SPIRITS is certified PA-DSS compliant to accommodate all your card processing needs. SPIRITS is a complete package of software aimed at retail locations, designed to keep your store running optimally.

Spirits 2000 POS system, product of Atlantic Systems, Inc. was founded in 1982, by two local liquor store owners who operated a larger scale store in New Jersey.

This first-hand knowledge and experience was instrumental in the creation of what would become our Spirits software. The formula was simple: Spirits is software created for liquor stores by liquor store owners.

Our customers continue to be instrumental in the evolution of our products and features today.

Backed by an experienced team of programmers, technicians, sales representatives and customer service personnel, Atlantic Systems, Inc. continues to offer the highest quality software and support service to our growing family of ASI stores.

Point of Sale (POS) system integration is becoming increasingly important within the enterprise. POS systems allow retailers, restaurants and other similar organizations effectively manage operating tasks and in-store sales and purchases − from scanning product data and printing receipts to swiping a credit/debit card and entering credentials on a pinpad.

In order to be effective, POS systems must be integrated with other applications within an organization’s technology stack. Failure to integrate the POS system with existing technology − can lead to time consuming, inefficient processes as well as create inaccurate results due to error-prone manual inputs.

Invoice2PO can generated purchase order from any vendor into Spirits 2000. Dont waste time in manually entering all the product details which are available in POS from the Invoice. Invoice2PO can extract all the data from the invoice in Quick time.

You don't have to worry about any manual typo errors anymore! Invoice2PO is built on proprietary algorithm which uses AI, to extract all the product details from the invoice without missing any information. This will help you in reconciliation with Suppliers / Vendors easily.

Using the latest technology, Invoice2PO helps the stores to move ahead of competition with automating processes, which otherwise require Human resources with corresponding higher cost and risks involved improving overall efficiency.

Invoice2PO can process not one, but multiple invoices in one go. This will help you in adding bulk orders into the POS. The invoices with over 100 products will also be processed within very short time.

If you are not able to process any invoices from the above supplier / vendor. It may be possible, that the invoice uploaded in a New Template from the supplier (some suppliers / vendors may have multiple invoice templates).
Please send sample invoices to info@invoice2po.com. Our team will develop the algorithm for processing the new Supplier invoices in quick TAT.